CN Group

The abbreviation CN stands for CULI-NOVA, founded in 2005 with the core business of supplying turnkey projects in the hospitality industry. After a few years the core has been expanded with services for (high-end) retail and office projects in Europe. CN group is our virtual front door for visitors who are looking for project-related information within the three branches in which we operate; hospitality, high-end retail, and office projects.

Cost saving

It can be a proper financial relief for your organization if you outsource all activities related to construction and renovation.
CN responds to the need of companies to maintain a full focus on their own operations,
and seek a solid partner for the realization of the intended expansion.  Stand alone or roll out, both are possible.
With years of experience in project realization, CN has a broad network of importers and manufacturers,
has a full-service operational experienced construction team and is familiar with laws, regulations and safety.
Discover the possibilities of the CN aftercare package, a cluster of services for your maintenance and breakdowns.

Your advantage

A single point of contact for the complete realization and cost savings through efficiency.
You can rely on the purchasing expertise from CN over the entire range of the scope.
CN is your partner in realization with an international scope.